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Improving Loyalty Through Consumer Psychology - Philip Shelper

Episode Summary

This week North Report comes to you from the land down under! Our team was in Sydney Australia when we spoke with Philip Shelper about building the most competitive loyalty and rewards programs. He is the CEO at Loyalty & Reward Co and Author of 'Blockchain Loyalty'.

Episode Notes

From Sydney Australia, North Report speaks with Philip Shelper; the CEO at Loyalty & Reward Co and Author of 'Blockchain Loyalty'. They speak about a variety of topics including the homogenization of loyalty designs, the importance of simplicity and studying consumer psychology to create the most effective loyalty and rewards program.

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Time Guide:

00:30 - Introductions

01:29 - Competitor monitoring

03:09 - Blockchain Loyalty

04:12 - Here to stay?

05:31 - Sectors Consulted

06:05 - How do they differ?

07:30 - Differentiating your program

08:59 - Human Psychology

09:23 - What are people getting wrong?

11:03 - People arent spending enough

11:32 - Why loyalty programs?

13:29 - Card Linking

14:05 - How has the space changed?

16:08 - Hyper-Personalization

16:40 - What’s in your basket?

17:53 - What would you have told yourself?

19:55 - Current Projects

21:15 - 3 Takeaways

22:53 - Outro



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