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Discussions in Cannabis Law - Chris Sanz

Episode Summary

DISCLAIMER: The view's expressed in this episode are solely that of Chris Sanz. Nothing stated in this episode as intended as legal advice and is for informative purposes ONLY. Nothing in/from this podcast creates a lawyer-client relationship; otherwise stated, do not take legal advice from a podcast.

Episode Notes

This week on North Report we spoke with Chris Sanz, a commercial, technology, and cannabis lawyer practicing in association with Inter-Alia Law. We discussed the day-to-day legalities in cannabis, common misunderstandings and missteps surrounding the cannabis sector, the purpose of lawyers, making risk-based decisions and his enthusiasm about working in the cannabis sector.

Time Guide:

00:30 - Introductions

01:40 - Career prior to now

03:09 - Day-to-day at Cannabis Company

04:30 - Mistakes in Cannabis

06:23 - When to bring in legal help

08:21 - Crypto Currency vs. Cannabis

11:30 - Cannabis 2.0 - topicals and edibles

14:02 - Misunderstanding/Myth About Law

15:28 - In-person Retail Experiences

18:20 - Closure of irregular market locations

21:09 - Parallels between alcohol and cannabis

22:26 - Impacts of Changes in Law

24:26 - Upcoming Major Regulatory Changes

25:34 - Book Recommendation

26:14 - 3 Key Takeaways

28:15 - Shoutouts + Contact



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